Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Moving on

This isn't really fitness-related, but what the hey. It's my blog and I'll go off-topic if I want to!

I accepted a new job at my alma mater today and gave my two weeks notice at my current job. I'm very excited about this move -- it's actually a minor decrease in take-home pay, but the benefits are much better and there's a strong possibility for advancement (compared to my current job, which has offers basically zero advancement opportunity).

On a fitness-related note, my new job is much closer to my current abode, so I'll be able to bike to work whenever the weather is nice. That's not nearly strenuous enough to replace picking up heavy things as my daily exercise, but it's always good whenever you're able to add a little more physical activity into your day.

Oh, and the new job also includes a membership at the campus gym. The current gym is no worse than your average Globogym, but a new and improved facility will open in about a year. From what I can tell, the new facility will be open to everyone from varsity athletes to students to staff, so I should have access to fancy things like bumper plates and maybe even o-lifting platforms!


Charlotte said...

Great news Lucas!! Sounds like a great move for you & your workouts! An o platform? *Swoon*

Erin said...

Congrats, I will miss working with ya! What do you mean no advancement at the marathon???? I am totally on my way to being the GRB one of these days.