Thursday, July 3, 2008

My couch fixation

At dinner tonight, my mother mentioned in passing that I use the example of moving a couch a lot on this blog. (No, I don't live with my parents. They're in town for the July 4 weekend. Although free meals and laundry do sound pretty good...)

I don't have an obsession with moving multi-person seating units. I didn't even realize I was using the couch example so often until Mom called me out on it.

Moving couches just usually jumps to mind when I try to think of an example of my definition of fitness: the ability to perform daily physical activities with ease, and the ability to perform difficult but useful physical activities, period.

So I squat, deadlift and press while most other people head to the elliptical or bust out another set of bicep curls. And that's fine. Thier definition of fitness has more to do with BMI and calories burned, while mine has more to do with performance improvements and pounds lifted.

Neither is the "right" definition of fitness. I think mine's a healthier, more practical approach than the BMI crowd, but they think their definition is superior to mine. Each camp has the scientific and anecdotal evidence to back up their claims.

But I won't be asking any of those guys I see in the gym spending hours on the treadmill to help me move my couch. They'd scuff the upholstery when they dropped it.


Charlotte said...

If it makes you feel better, I never noticed your couch fixation! I'm with you on functionality. Being a mom to 3 fifty pound toddlers makes you learn right quick the benefits of loaded squatting and pressing;)

ERIN said...

You should move into my dad thinks that i am professional mover on the side. We move couches, beds, TVS etc. daily. You name it, we have probably moved it in the last week. He could use someone like you around.

AT22 said...

You could use lifting a box as an example. Or pulling your body weight up from the side of the cliff you just fell down! That could happen!! Lifting kids - oh so practical. Great example.

I never noticed the couch fixation either.