Tuesday, February 5, 2008

American Gladiators, Part Deux

So when we last left our hero (me!), he was going to try out to be a contestant on American Gladiators. Well, here's what happened:

On Saturday I arrived at the tryout location at 8:00 a.m., as instructed. I was the 172nd person in line. I got in the building to try out at 2:30 p.m., did 19 pullups on the pullup test (max pullups in 30 seconds), then did the 30 seconds of up-downs (burpees without the jump), an agility ladder drill and 10 shuttle runs.

While I was still out of breath from all that shuttling, they ushered me into the interview. I sat down across from a casting director who asked me questions about myself and why I wanted to be on the show. Afterwards, I realized that the main point of all those silly shuttle runs was to get me out of breath right before the interview, so they could see how I'd handle answering questions when tired and out of breath.

Anyway, the interview went well and they said they'd call me back. And they did! The very next day, I got a call asking me to go in for a second interview on Tuesday.

So this morning I went to the second interview. I sat in front of a camera and answered questions based on the application I'd filled out earlier. It went pretty well, and now they want me to make a 10 minute video of my life: me at work, me working out, me chilling at home with my psychopathic cat, etc.

So that's the story thus far. I'll be feverishly working to get my home video put together before Friday of this week, so wish me luck!

Training 2-4-08

5 x 5 x 260

4 x 145
4 x 3 x 145

Power Clean
4 x 3 x 160
2 x 160

Bent Over Row
5 x 5 x 175

Comments: Squat form a bit shady sometimes. Press was extremely frustrating. Had 2 attempts at last rep of Power Cleans, but missed both. Bent Over Row was the highlight of the workout!

I'll now be officially switching into "training for American Gladiators" mode, which means lifting Monday, Thursday and Saturday with general conditioning and "skill" work on Tuesday and Friday. I put quotes around "skill" work because it'll mainly be figuring out ways to practice for the silly stuff they do on the show. Should be entertaining!

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Charlotte said...

Aieeee! Good Luck Lucas!! You know, if you get on the show you will officially be the closest thing to a famous person I've ever not-quite met:) (Although I DID see Billy Corgan across the stadium at a Bull's game back in the day. He didn't even look at me. Jerk.)