Friday, February 1, 2008

American Gladiators

Last Tuesday, two of my roommates and I were sitting around watching TV and shooting the breeze. Long story short, they suggested that I should try out to be a contestant on American Gladiators, we did some research, and we found out that there's a tryout nearby on Saturday. That's tomorrow!

So today I cut my workout volume pretty substantially so that I could get in the gym and move heavy stuff around without wearing myself out before tomorrow's big tryout!

From what I understand, there'll be a max rep pullups in 30 seconds test, an agility drill course, and a 40 yard dash. I have trained specifically for none of these events, but the most important aspect of the "casting call" is probably the on-screen interview with the producers.

In any event, I'm excited and I'll let you know how it goes when I get back to computer-land, probably on Sunday. In the meantime, wish me luck!

Training 2-1-08

3 x 3 x 255

3 x 3 x 145

Power Clean
3 x 2 x 155

5 x 50

5 x 90

Comments: I went in thinking that cutting the volume meant this would be a breeze. The first set of Squats convinced me otherwise. Power Cleans felt a lot better than last time. Tried to be as explosive as possible on the Pullups and Dips, as a last-minute bit of preparation for tomorrow.


Charlotte said...

Lucas!!!! Good luck! I totally hope you make it. I don't have TV but I'll camp out a friend's house if you make it:) Keep us posted.

Lucas said...

Thanks, Charlotte! I got back this afternoon and then promptly met some friends to go to a Monster Truck show. It was awesome! But I'm pooped and hosting a Super Bowl party tomorrow, so I'll write up a full update on Monday.

No TV?! I'm simultaneously jealous that you can do that and sure that I'd fail miserably at trying to live without my TV, which is sad.

patmanpato said...

Your training log says you did 5x50 pullups. Hmm, is that 5 sets of 50 reps? :| That is a damn lot more than I've ever seen anyone do. Woa!

By the way, awesome blog man! Gonna be spending some time reading through your interesting posts.

And I love how you put up your PR's on the side there. Brilliant idea!

You have VERY varied PR's. LOL. But very impressive!

Lucas said...

5 sets of 50?! No way! That's 5 reps with 50 pounds added on a dip belt. I couldn't do 50 pullups to save my life!

Thanks for the kind words on the blog. I'm glad ou like it!

patmanpato said...

LOL. I'm glad. That makes you seem _slightly_ more human at least. Although 5 x 50lbs is still a damn lot of weight. You're one strong bugger, on your other lifts too!