Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Goals for 2008

I've lifted weights since my Freshman year in high school, and I've always enjoyed it. But since I got serious about strength training about three months ago, I've been having more fun than ever in the gym. Instead of lifting just because I like it, I'm lifting with a plan and a purpose.

So to keep that sense of purpose and give myself something to plan towards, I'm establishing some strength training goals for 2008. Some will be easier to achieve than others, but my aim is to achieve all of them by December 31, 2008.

The first goals are in the form of single-rep maximum effort lifts, in pounds:

Squat: 405
Deadlift: 500
Press: 200
Bench Press: 315

I'm also aiming to increase some bodyweight skills. These goals are in consecutive repetitions without rest:

Pullups: 25
Pushups: 50
Handstand Pushups: 10 freestanding

Right now I'm focusing on my Squat and Press goals. I want to be able to get those by the spring, and then I'll focus more on my Deadlift and Bench Press goals. I believe that the pullup and pushup goals will come naturally as a product of my current training program. I need to practice handstands at least once or twice a week to progress towards my handstand pushup goal.

If I manage to hit all of these marks before the end of the year, then I'll just come back and set higher goals.

Happy new year to everyone, and I wish you success in achieving all of your goals for 2008!

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