Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Training 1-1-08

Happy New Year! I'll post my goals for 2008 later tonight or tomorrow morning.

Week 6, Day 1

5 x 5 x 255

4 x 5 x 135
4 x 135

Power Clean
5 x 3 x 140

Bent Over Row
5 x 5 x 165

Good Morning
5 x 135
6 x 135
7 x 135

Today's Squats felt slightly easier than last time, which is good. I think I need to work on my back and abdominal strength in order to keep my form strong as the weight increases.

Press is still frustrating. Form didn't feel quite as solid as last time, though that could have been because the weight increased. If I end up stalling at 135 or 140 again, I'll switch to a timed total tonnage program for Press.

I didn't rack as cleanly as I would've liked on every rep of Power Clean, but they were mostly solid. 145 next time.

Rows felt a little funny, like I couldn't quite get the form exactly how I want it. Could be because I haven't done them in a while.

The Good Mornings are a step towards addressing back strength for Squats. I'll do a back or abdominal exercise at the end of my workout whenever possible to help build that strength.

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