Sunday, November 4, 2007

Training 11-2-07

Friday was an interesting day. I did a half-day at work (to make up for working last Saturday), and then drove to Austin to hang out with some friends. In between, I had about 30 minutes to squeeze in a workout.

B (abbreviated)

Front Squat (deload)
5 x 5 x 175

Overhead Press
4 x 130
5 x 130
3 x 4 x 130

Bent Over Barbell Row
10 x 130
9 x 130
8 x 130

Rest was definitely a factor in this workout. I was trying to get as much into my 30 minutes as possible, so rest was cut short. I think I could've gotten a couple more reps on Overhead Press if that hadn't been the case. Overall a decent effort for a short day.

Oh, and I ran a 5K on Sunday. Chip time of 27:24. Not bad considering I haven't run in a while and we did a 1-mile warmup beforehand.

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