Friday, October 19, 2007

Training 10-19-07

Tomorrow I'm off to the parents' house for the weekend. I'll be there on Monday, too, so I'm already thinking of ways to get in my Monday workout with the equipment I have there. It might involve sawhorses. I'm excited.


Front Squat
5 x 5 x 195

Overhead Press
5 x 5 x 120

Bent Over Barbell Row
5 x 5 x 160

3 x 5 x 65
2 x 4 x 65

Spinal Decompression Hangs
4 x 30 sec

Rotary Torso Machine
3 x 10 x 120 (per side)

Spinal Decompression Hangs (again!)
2 x 30 sec

Front Squats were much better than last time. Only really leaned forward on 2 reps. Hopefully just once more at 195 and then I'll be able to move up.

It starts getting dangerous for my back when I get a weight where I almost stick halfway up on Overhead Press. I'm about at that point now, but I think the Spinal Decompression hangs will help. Form held, so up to 125 next time.

I lost form at the top of a few reps on Bent Over Barbell Row. Like with Deadlifts yesterday, I think I need to stretch the hips and hamstrings to get better form.

I finally reached a weight where I couldn't get a full 5 sets of 5 on weighted Dips! I'm not completely sure if it was purely the weight, or the fact that holding a dumbbell that heavy between my feet is hard. I should have my dip belt by next week, so that'll help.

And I finally found a place to do Spinal Decompression Hangs! The pullup bars at the gym are too low, so my feet touch the ground. But the frame that holds the new punching bags is just high enough. I can't use my straps (the frame is rectangular), and I can only hold for 30 seconds at a time right now, but that should improve with time. Walking out of the gym today, my back felt SO MUCH BETTER than it has in the past two weeks.

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