Friday, October 5, 2007

Training 10-5-07

Surprise visit from Dad this weekend. Woot!


5 x 5 x 225

Bench Press
4 x 5 x 205
4 x 205

3 x 5 x 255

Pullups (underhand)
5 x 5 x 25

Waiter Walks
3 x length of alley x 30 (each hand)

Squats felt pretty good. I only good-morninged the last rep on the last couple of sets. Of all the exercises I'm doing, I think I'm happiest with my progress thus far on Front Squats, followed by Squats.

I just couldn't get the feel of Bench Press today. My wrists felt funky on the grip, and I couldn't quite get a nice clean smooth push. I'm not sure why -- it could have something to do with my recent troubles on Overhead Press. In any event, I'll have a week of rest to get right before coming back to it.

Deadlifts also felt good. I want to re-start every exercise at this week's weight after my easy week, but I think I could easily move up on Deadlift if I wanted to.

And I got a full 5 sets of 5 with 25 lbs on underhanded pullups! I had to use a second effort on the last rep of the last set, but I got it.

I went home to make sure I'd be there when Dad got home after pullups. I was finishing up my Waiter Walks in the alley when he called to say he was nearby. That's what I call perfect timing.

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