Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Training 10-9-07

Had my annual review at work today. I came in with a list showing that my responsibilities had doubled in the last year. I mentioned this four times during the review. At the end, I was told that "since your job description hasn't changed in the last year, you'll get a cost of living raise of 2.5%." It caught me completely off guard, and I let the guy talk over me when I tried to protest. I'm disappointed in myself for not standing up for myself. But I'm not planning on being there too much longer, so I guess it'll be ok.

B (light)

Front Squats
5 x 10 x 95

Overhead Press
5 x 10 x 75

Bent Over Barbell Row
5 x 10 x 85

10, 10, 10, 10, 10

...and it's a light week, so some goofing off is in order

40 lbs
50 lbs
40 lbs

Tricep pull-downs (rope)
3 x 10 x 50
13 x 30

Upright Row
2 x 10 x 95

L pullups
1, 5

Did a standard B workout with light weight. It felt good, except for my knees at the beginning of Front Squats. I think I won't do any more squatting until next week. I'm also feeling my way into better form on Overhead Press. I need to really focus on contracting my abs as I push.

21's are a biceps exercise. You do 7 partial curls (lower half), 7 partial curls (upper half), and 7 full curls. They're a good bodybuilding exercise for the biceps, and are just kind of fun, especially after doing so much serious, heavy lifting lately.

I'd never done an L pullup before (it's a pullup with your feet straight out in front of you so your body is in the shape of a capital L), and I was describing them to Token Asian Roommate, so I jumped on the bar and did a few. They felt good. Keeping the legs up at the bottom of the motion while pulling up was tough on the abs. Me like.

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